Florence Licuria’s Christening | Niki Sprekos Photography


Barbara and Paul Licuria are the proud parents of three beautiful children.  Their youngest is Florence Licuria and I took newborn photos of Florence when she was just a week old.  Even as a newborn Florence was super alert and always smiling.  Florence is super blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones with her big brother and sister always providing entertainment and love.  I was so grateful and blessed to be invited back to capture photographs for this beautiful family.

This time I was back to capture her Florence’s Christening, it was such a wonderful and fun celebration.  Florence wore the most stunning dress made by her Grandmother Carmen Licuria who is a dressmaker and did the most amazing job, the details were stunning and perfect.  During the ceremony she was so chirpy and happy even though it was a scorcher of a day.  Florence just wanted to jump into that holy water and swim!   Then after all the formalities her godfather Kris Smith got her to have a nap in order to prep for the party!

Afterward the christening ceremony, all their family and friends went back to their house for a fun filled day.   Paul and Barbara Licuria had just finished renovated their house and with perfect timing created the most breathtaking haven for entertaining.  For meals they had Paul’s mum creating amazing home cooked meals and the Greek Food Food truck supplying yummy chips, pita bread, souvlakia and more, it smelt amazing.  Then for dessert Florence Licuria received the most gorgeous cake ever from LaManna Patisserie.

It was a gorgeous, super hot summer day and filled with loads of smiles, love and happiness.

Wishing you all the best gorgeous Florence and I can’t wait to see you all in the future for more family portraits.


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