Best Newborn Photographer they say!


Everyone says that Niki Sprekos is amazing at settling newborns, that Niki’s the best newborn photographer (aka the baby whisperer!). They even ask if I make house calls in the middle of the night! ha ha Now, that’s very kind of them, but I have to admit that I could’t do it without my most valuable assistant, the Baby Shusher.

As soon as I brought the Baby Shusher into the studio it was a game changer. What is it you ask, well it’s exactly what it’s called, a shusher!

The Baby Shusher quickly soothes babies. It has loud, rhythmic shushing noises shhhhhhhhhh over and over and over for 15 or 30 minutes at a time. I used to find myself constantly going shhhhhh and now I don’t have to. What more would a newborn photographer or new parent want!

Let’s face it, newborns have just spent the last nine months in the womb. Their so used to noise and distractions. So you can only image that life outside the womb is very quiet. So when they hear white noise it relaxes them, they feel almost at home.

In saying that, if your newborn baby is crying a baby susher won’t be the thing that puts your baby to sleep. It is just an assistant as I call it. As a newborn photographer, I still need to be sure that I have all other things checked first, is your baby still hungry, do they need their nappy changed, do they have wind, are they cold or too hot.

In my studio, I make sure newborns have been fed, burped (if they can!), ensure I have the perfect temperature, clean nappy, white noise with heartbeat (to replicate being in the womb) and the Baby Susher going. This makes the perfect little environment for newborns to be super comfortable, sleep and ready for those gorgeous nude images. I have even had parents fall asleep too!

So if you want to make a booking with the Niki Sprekos Photography, the best newborn photographer (aka baby whisperer!) and capture those special moments, please contact me and to make a booking.

It is recommended that newborn photography is done ideally within a baby’s first two weeks. At this time, newborns are typically sleepier and can be photographed in those gorgeous sleepy curly poses. So while you are pregnant, please get in contact with Niki to plan your newborn photoshoot.

To view past newborn work, please visit my gallery or see more recent work on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Look forward to meeting you soon.


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