Beautiful items handpicked

for you to wear.



My client wardrobe has beautiful items can be worn for either maternity, newborn or family sessions. All items are very giving and can adjust to fit most sizes. When you come into the studio you are more than welcome to try any on and see how they look and feel.

It’s all about how you feeL

Are you wondering what outfit you are going to wear for your photoshoot?  When you book any photography session with me, I have a beautiful client wardrobe available just for you.  It is so important to feel beautiful and confident in what you are wearing because when you feel beautiful you will just glow and shine in your photographs too.

Just remember to bring appropriate underwear on the day to suit the outfits, especially for the outfits that are sheer or light in colour.  Or if you are unsure just bring lots of different options and we can run through them on the day.

Before your photography session I will also provide you with a detailed preparation guide which will have further information on the client wardrobe and styling for the entire family.


If you are still stuck, I work in conjunction with Mama Rentals who offer a stunning range of outfits and dresses for hire.  You just need to put “NSP 15” as the discount code at checkout.

They have handpicked a gorgeous collection of outfits and a maternity dress to create a timeless, feminine and romantic look that is perfect for your maternity photoshoot, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on it as you will soon be back to your normal size again without the maternity bump.

Baby Wardrobe

I also have a client wardrobe for children ages 6-13 months of age. The client wardrobe for babies is currently being developed and will be uploaded shortly. As babies vary in sizes and lengths it is always important to have a backup outfit just incase one of mine does not fit 100%. Feel free to contact me direct to discuss your client wardrobe or read through your preparation guide that will be sent direct before your photography session.

Reclamation Frill dress - Fits Most

Robed Silk Robe - Fits Most

Jaase White Lace Maxi Dress - S/M

Hazel & Fold Sage Green Dress - S/M

Reclamation daydream dress - Fits Most

Crinkle Long Sleeve - Medium

Opia Amelie Maxi Dress - S/M

Opia Rumi Maxi Dress - S/M

Client wardrobe
client wardrobe

Tie Blelt Kaftan - M/L

Long Satin Dress- M/L

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Tassah Pink Dress - Medium

Boho shed top & skirt - Fits most

White polka dot dress - Small & Large

White dress - One Size fits most - 5 different ways to style

Knit Rib Dress - M/L

H&M White Ankle Dress - Size M

Client Wardrobe
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Long Chiffon Dress - S/XL

(Very roomy and can open up for belly shots too)

Long Chiffon Dress - S/XL

Client Wardrobe
Client wardrobe

Grey dress with opening - S/M

Grey dress - One Size fits most - 5 different ways to style

White Dress - S/M

Lace Kimono

Short White Lace Dress - S/M

White Lace Dress - S/M

White Lace Dress (V neckline) - S/M

White lace top - S/M

Blue Lace Dress - S/M

Navy Blue Stretch dress - Small to X Large

maternity pose
navy maternity dress

Short Black Lace Dress - S/M

Short Black Lace Dress, S / M

maternity, client wardrobe
Black maternity dress
client wardrobe, maternity dress
Maternity Dress

Pink Long Dress with centre opening - Fits most

Fuchsia Long Dress with centre opening - Fits most

pink maternity outfit
pink maternity outfit
Magenta Maternity Dress
maternity session

Kimono Pink Flowers - Fits most

Kimono Blue Flowers - Fits most

maternity pose
maternity kimono pink
maternity kimono
client wardrobe, maternity kimono blue
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Let's see what session you want to use an outfit from the client gallery. Let's create memories and moments for your family.

these are the moments we need to remember and capture for generations to remember.












Newborn babies are so precious and only this small for a little time. Photographing your newborn baby is special time in your lives and I capture all that comes with that. The love, connection between the parents and babies and of course all the little details as well.

Pregnancy is by far the most beautiful experience one could ever be part of. Not just for mothers but for fathers too. It’s one of the most unique and special types of love and bonding that exists. For a woman to create, grow, and give birth to another life is rather extraordinary. I make sure we celebrate you, your beauty and love between parents too.

Family is everything. It makes us whole, is the love and connection that keeps us going. Documenting your family is so special and important. These moments pass by so quick and memories can last forever through a photograph. And be passed down and shared for generations.

There are so many milestones your baby goes through from the ages of 6-12 months. They will learn to sit, crawl, bum shuffle, bang toys together, smile and may even stand or take their first steps. I love baby photography as every baby is so unique and I love capturing all their glory.

Let's celebrate your baby turning one!!! There will be lots of smiles, icing, giggles and fun. I style cake smash sessions in a minimalist and simple way to ensure your baby is the star and focus. Your baby will also get to have a cute little bath afterwards to clean up, which is just adorable for pictures.

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