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Newborn Photography


Newborn Photography is super complex and is something that varies from shoot to shoot.  I have created all the information you need to know about newborn photography.  In addition listed some helpful tips to help you on the day of your shoot.

Style of Photography

When it comes to newborn photography there are two different styles you can select – posed/studio and lifestyle.  You need to ensure that your client knows what style you do as a photographer and in addition know what your client wants and work with them too.

Studio session – Newborn photography sessions are typically done within the newborns first couple of weeks when they are super small, curly and easier to settle.  Newborns at this age are able to be posed in wraps, bonnets, and can be posed on beanbags and props in various ways.

Lifestyle sessions – Newborn photography lifestyle sessions are generally photographed in clients homes and a more relaxed style session.  These sessions don’t generally have a restricted timeframe like studio sessions as a newborn will not be required to be “posed”.

At Niki Sprekos Photography we only do newborn photography studio sessions but can incorporate the family / parent images with a lifestyle feel. 


Newborn Photography


What you need

When doing newborn photography lifestyle sessions you will obviously need to think about what you need to take along to you to your session which can prove difficult.  And I know that first hand having used to do these sessions when I first started out.  Now I have my own studio which is the most ideal (in my option) and my must have items are:

In addition to the things listed above to have for newborn photography, there is obviously a huge amount of things you require for your business on the back end but I will not go into detail about these items as that is a whole new blog.  These things can include things such as Insurance, An amazing CRM, Website, Computer, Software, etc.  Some of my favourite software packages I adore are Studio Ninja for my client management system and of course PicTime for my galleries and store.

Preparing your client

I believe newborn photography is only going to be a success if you and your client is prepared.  Not only do you have to have all the tools, skills, equipment and knowledge but do your clients.  New mums have so much going on in their lives with a new baby and all the crazy things life is throwing at them.  On top of that they have a million new hormones and potentially lacking in sleep too.  So to ensure everyone is prepped and ready I send my clients a super detailed preparation guide before their session.  That way they can read it at their own leisure and refer to it at any time.  I also provide my clients with a phone call beforehand their session to run through everything and answer any last minute questions.


Newborn photography sessions can vary in time and you need to prepare your client for a long session.  It is very important to make sure your client is prepared by wearing cool clothing and having food too.  This is just as important to the photographer too.  Wear comfortable clothing as you will be moving around a lot and on the floor and knees a lot.  You will also need to have spare clothes close by as accidents from the little newborns can occur.

Go with the flow

As planned as one may be you really need to go with the flow of the newborn.  Newborn Photography can vary from each session as every newborn is completely different.  Some babies will love being nude and can be moulded in any way and then other newborns will only love to be wrapped and cosy.  You will therefore need to feel how each newborn reacts to your touch and then go from there as to how you will start their shoot and where you will place them and how your newborn photography workflow will be.  You have to be flexible and in saying that educate your clients too that what they have in their minds too may change depending on the newborn on the day.


Newborn Photography Siblings, Niki Sprekos Photography



A beautiful segway from Go with the Flow is safety in newborn photography.  Once again not all newborns are as flexible as others and that is ok. That therefore means that you shouldn’t just put a newborn into a certain position because you or your client want it.  Safety is key and you need to follow the newborns lead.  Other things you need to watch with safety is:

  • Cleaning and sanitising. This is always a must in newborn photography and even more essential now. So please wash all props, blankets, studio and hands.
  • Supporting baby’s neck. Newborns muscles aren’t fully developed until they are around 6 months old so their neck must always be supported in your hands and more importantly posing in props. Many positions are actually created using composites and using magic in photoshop.  a
  • Understanding newborn ques. Do not emotionally push a newborn through a session if they are not wanting to do it.  There is always a reason a newborn is distressed.  We need to listed and understand a newborn ques.
  • Spotter when posing. When posing newborns in props it is super important to have a spotter close by.  Whether that be an assistant or a parent.  Newborns can surprisingly move so fast when least expected.  They may even roll over.  So it’s crucial that someone is always close by.
  • Illness. Always reschedule if anyone including photographer is unwell.  It is not worth the risk to a newborn who’s immune system is just forming.
  • Vaccinations.  It is super important that these are always put to date.
  • Jewellery.  It is super important that you do not hurt newborn so its best to remove all rings, bracelets, etc.  Always best to be on the safe side.
  • Objects. It is crucial that loose objects are secure such as your camera, clamps to beanbags, siblings toys, etc.  When photographing a newborn from above it is a must that the photographers camera is secure around their neck.   All jewellery should also be removed during a shoot to avoid unnecessary scratches too.
  • Temperature. Ensure the baby is not too hot or cold.


So that is a quick summary of everything you need to know about newborn photography and some bonus tips too.  Now as you can see newborn photography is super detailed which is why selecting a professional photographer like Niki Sprekos Photography is super important.  If you want further information on newborn safety and learning about newborn photography there is a lot of information out there so please do your researching make sure you study before attempting to start this as a business.  In addition there are businesses such as Academy of Newborn Photography who does newborn photography safety courses.


Newborn Photography Siblings, Niki Sprekos Photography



So if you want to make a booking with the most popular newborn photographer in Melbourne, Niki Sprekos Photography and capture your special moments, please contact me and to make a booking.

It is recommended that newborn photography is done ideally within a baby’s first two weeks. At this time, a baby is typically sleepier and can be photographed in those gorgeous sleepy curly poses. So while you are pregnant, please get in contact with Niki to plan your newborn photoshoot.  For further information please have a look at all my frequently asked questions.

To view past newborn work, please visit my gallery or see more recent work on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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