Preparation Guide

Newborn Photoshoot

mums diet before session

It is super important, if you’re  breastfeeding, to watch your diet 24 hours before your session.  What you consume may affect your little ones tummy and their digestion.  If it does, they can become super irritable when posing, have wind, reflux and be unsettled.

Generally when newborns are unsettled and can’t sleep sometimes feeding helps but in this case feeding can cause more pain in their tummies. Some foods that may cause upset tummies are spicy food, broccoli, cabbage, herbs and garlic.

How to prepare the morning of your session

what to expect

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The temperature in the studio can range from 23 to 28 degrees, so please dress appropriately.  Wear layers, that way you can adjust as the temperature changes.  As your baby will be nude for the majority of the session, I have to adjust the room to ensure they are more comfortable and can sleep soundly.

When you arrive bring the baby in the capsule (if you have one) and I can remove them when we’re are ready.  From there I will quickly discuss what will occur during the session and get you excited by showing you all the gorgeous props and things we will be using.

I will then ask you when your baby had their last feed and see we need to top them up before we start.  Then you guys get to relax while I take over.  You would be surprised how settled they become when I handle them.  And that is because I don’t smell amazing like mummy.   So this is a time you guys can catch up on emails, relax, get onto socials or just enjoy your baby’s first photoshoot.  If you want to catch up on a little sleep, I won’t judge, it has happened before!

Sessions can last between 2-3 hours, sometimes longer if baby is a light sleeper, very alert or hungry!   Sometimes extra feeds, cuddles and settling may be needed and that is ok.  This is why extra milk is key to bring.  In addition, please bring a dummy to your session.  I generally try to not use them but if your little one is unsettled and just wants to drink or use mum as a dummy, it can be a lifesaver when posing them.  Trust me they will not become reliant on it when they leave the studio.

Your baby will mostly be naked during your session and of course it won’t be long before nature comes calling!  Please do not feel embarrassed if your baby does a wee or poos on me, the blankets or props.  I’m quite used to it and it’s one of the “occupational hazards” as a newborn photographer!

Preparation Guides

What to wear

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What to wear

Newborn Photography Melbourne

I really encourage you to have a few pictures taken as a family.  Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my favourite parts of the session.  These are the pictures your baby will cherish most in years to come.

I always tell clients to coordinate their outfits for the family and sibling photographs.  A great idea is to lay the clothes on your bed to ensure everything compliments each other.  You don’t necessarily have to have everyone in the same colour, as long as you all complement each other.

Mums:  I always tell new mums to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  Keep it simple and don’t over think it too.  The focus will be on your little baby and they will be covering the majority of your outfit.

Try keep the colour soft and/or neutral and design simple.  Even a plain top or a nice dress.  You can wear dark colours but I feel it can make images look too heavy and moody.

I do have a client wardrobe for mums to borrow and they vary in sizes and super stretchy too!  Just ensure you have suitable underwear (strapless and non-strapless bras) in white and black.  I have also created a Mums Styling Pinterest board for inspiration.

Please ensure nails are clean and use a natural colour polish (or none) as your hands will make their way into the images.

Dads:  Bring a plain fitting t-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans or chinos.  You can bring any colour but a nice clean white/cream colour always looks best.  Additionally, a simple shirt with sleeves rolled up is also nice.  If you wanted to have skin to skin images with babies this can also be accommodated.  I have created a Dads Styling Pinterest Board or some inspiration.

Newborn: You do not need to bring any outfits for their newborn session.  I have all the wraps, headbands, bonnets, etc for their session.  They will be mainly nude as well so additional outfits are not required.

Siblings:  Including older brother/sister(s) in your newborn’s portraits is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives. For girls bring a pretty neutral outfit or dress. I can also provide a wrap that will act as the perfect top. For boys a pair of jeans with t-shirt or shirtless is best.

Everyone will be barefoot in the shoots so there is no need to bring clean shoes.

Take a few moments to chat with your little one a day before the session.  Make it sound exciting and mention that aunty Niki is great fun!

Top TIps

  • Either feed baby right before you leave or plan to feed baby when you arrive. That way your baby has a full tummy at the time we get started.
  • That morning dress your baby in a loose zipper jumpsuit (with no singlet underneath) for an easier transition.
  • Always have additional milk the newborn. Formula or expressed milk.  Sometimes all they need is that little top up which can perfect your session.  The more the better.
  • No nappy cream or talcum powder on your baby before your session.
  • Bring a dummy. I avoid this where possible but sometimes this is required to sooth them into different poses.  If you don’t have any I always have pre sterilised dummys for you to keep.
  • Bring lots of nappies. I use them between poses and so they tend to go through a few during the session.
  • Bring snacks for everyone just in case your shoot is long. Trust me you will all get hungry.
  • Bring some entertainment for the siblings. Alternatively, if you have a toddler and live close by we can do sibling/family images first.  Maybe plan for them to either go home in a separate car or head to the local shops, park or McDonalds!
  • Bring a change of clothes for yourself and also your partner in case your baby does a wee or a little vomit. It can happen during feeding or posing.