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While I’m unable to photograph your newborn baby during this COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to pass on some information on how you could create some memories at home with your new baby.  You can do this with any camera you own.  That’s right even your mobile phone!

Let’s get ready!

Now obviously your images are not going to look the same as the ones I take and that’s perfectly fine.  You are just here to create memories of your little one and soon enough we will be back together to create special images.

Now the first and most important thing to do is ensure you have a warm environment, a baby that has been fed, burped and has a clean nappy.  That way they will be nice and sleepy!  In saying that if your little one wants to be alert and awake that is amazing too, great opportunity to see their beautiful eyes!


As stated before don’t worry if you don’t have a DSLR a mobile phone is perfectly fine in these crazy COVID times.  You can even try putting your mobile on portrait mode and create some blur.  A huge thing we all forget too is to clean the back of the phone lens.  Wipe that down and get rid of any fingerprints.


Like I tell my clients wear anything that is comfortable and makes you feel good (especially after having a newborn) and captures your personality.  Just try keeping things simple, have no logos, words or anything too bright to take away from the baby.  I love simplicity in images, so find simple wraps for your baby or a cute little romper/onesie.  In addition, when you swaddle your newborn they will be content and happy.


Now generally the best place to photograph your newborn will be in the room that has the most gentle light.  When I say gentle I mean light that is not direct sunlight.  You want the room to be filled with natural light.  

Family / Siblings

When photographing siblings and newborn babies, safety is always a priority so make sure you have an extra adult close by at all times.  In saying this don’t expect your family to be models.  Be patient as they will probably be interested in running away and doing something else.  You could always play a game like I do and hide some of their snacks around the baby to find.  And if your toddler is not interested, don’t fret, just try another time.


This is the most important thing to remember.  Some key things:

  • do not attempt to do any poses that you see me do.  I have done training and understand how to place newborns in certain positions.  
  • do not put newborns in various props, bowls, etc.  
  • do not wrap right or overheat the baby.  
  • do not attempt to photograph your newborn with Pets.   We need to ensure we avoid any injuries during these times.  Our hospitals are full enough, we do not want any unnecessary visits.
  • do not drop your mobile or DSLR on your baby’s head.  I know this is a simple thing but you need to concentrate when photographing.  If you have a strap, ensure if is placed around your neck.  

The images I want you to take at home are more lifestyle images, just a simple snapshot of your current life.   Leave the more detailed images to your professional photographer, Niki Sprekos Photography!

Remember to listen and look out for your newborn baby cues.  Babies are always talking to us and will let us know when they have had enough.  

You have also just had a baby!  

If your baby is not interested, take a break, rest and try agin in a few days time.



  • Spread a blanket, wrap or sheet on floor near a window.  Use a natural colour if possible or if you want a pattern use that too.
  • Position baby with light coming from the side.
  • Do not photograph up the baby’s nose.  Look straight down.

newborn-photography-melbourne-niki-sprekos-photography-Jeremy009 copy newborn photography melbourne, niki sprekos photography zoe17 newborn-photography-melbourne-niki-sprekos-photography-Jeremy009 copy 



  • Use the master bedroom or a room where you get the best light
  • Use a natural colour bedspread and declutter everything on the bedside tables
  • Place the baby on the bottom half of the bed with head towards the side window
  • Place mum to lay beside your newborn baby.  This is where your partner needs to step in! 

Newborn baby Newborn Baby


  • Lay a simple blanket on your bed or floor
  • Lay newborn baby down and fold the bottom part of the blanket up, tucking under their chin.
  • Take your image from above, looking straight down.

 Niki Sprekos Photography, Newborn Baby


  • Lay your newborn in their cot and place it near the window
  • Take photographs from lots of different angles to get a variety of image
    • straight down
    • parents looking into the cot
    • siblings looking into the cot
    • through the slats



  • Get the siblings to sit down close to a window and have their legs straight out.  
  • Safest place in on the floor or propped up with lots of pillows on the bed.  
  • Always ensure there is an adults at arm’s length to support them if needed
  • Take images from lots of different angles, looking at you, from behind looking down, side, etc.
  • Place baby on bed and have siblings lie down on their tummies behind the newborn
  • Help the siblings by telling them to interact with their baby by saying look at the baby, smell the baby, touch the babies toes, etc

Niki Sprekos Photography, Family Gallery


  • Great images to show how little your newborn baby actually is.
  • Go close to the window again so light comes in from the side
  • Parents should hold baby snuggling on their chest, and just images showing them loving and cuddling them.
  • Focus on the little details, hands, feet, parents expressions etc.
  • Make sure you take images once again from different angles, straight on, from the side, over the shoulders, from behind, etc.



  • As we’re all in isolation you most likely don’t have a spare human to take this photograph.  You will need to do this with a timer on your mobile.  If you don’t know how to set this up , do a google search or click here.
  • Position your family on your bed, sofa or anywhere where you will get beautiful light and this will vary in your home depending on the time of day.
  • Use a tripod or set up your mobile on something study, arrange a stack of books or containers, etc.
  • Activate your time and please be careful when you run back to your family!

Newborn Baby and Family Niki Sprekos Photography, Family Gallery Niki Sprekos Photography, Family Gallery


  • While your baby is lying down sleeping it’s the best time to capture your little ones features.
  • Focus on all their features, such as their flaky skin, hair, eyelashes, fingers, toes, nose, ears, belly button, lips or their little rolls.

Niki Sprekos Photography, Newborn Gallery niki sprekos photography, home, Best Newborn Photographer




Read Pixpa’s article on “Guide to Newborn Photography



So please stay safe, safe home and enjoy this amazing time with your new family.  I can’t wait to get back into the studio soon and photograph your little ones soon.

I would love for everyone to send me your photographs to and I will share with everyone. In addition please post them on Instagram, tag and use the hashtag #stayhomewithniki

If you want to ask me anything, feel free to contact me at any time – click here 







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