Thank you so much for trusting Niki Sprekos Photography with the amazing and rewarding opportunity to photography your gorgeous baby.   As one of the most popular baby photographers in Melbourne, Niki will ensure she will create beautiful memories that will last forever. 

To help, I has created a baby preparation guide to ensure we have a successful session and memorable experience.


The most important part of your shoot is determining the photoshoot style and your babies wardrobe.  I have prepared some links to help you with looking at styling and outfits for your little one.


Baby Shoot sessions generally lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours and take place in my studio.

When you arrive we will go through all the items you have brought and select the clothing we will shoot and any toys or special items you want photographed.  It is super important to plan this out as babies get tired so fast and can get annoyed with lots of changes, so I ensure its all planned smoothly.

It is really important that you allow me to build a great connection with your baby.  So I kindly ask (should your baby not be upset) to allow me to interact with your little one before you get involved. 

That way your baby doesn’t get overwhelmed and I get to capture their independence and innocence.

Should I require assistance I will call you to come and join me on the floor and get their attention to help get a gorgeous smile and giggle.  If and when you do this please do not stand behind me as your baby will always be looking up in the photographs I take, you need to SIT right behind me (next to my camera). 

Everything I ask of you is advice to ensure you get beautiful baby photos.  Anything can happen on the day and as much as I like to plan things, they can always go differently.  Sometimes we even have to stop for cuddles, drinks, snacks, etc. We all have to be very flexible as these cute babies are the boss!

Cute baby smiling
Baby Girl playing with toys at her shoot
Baby Photography Melbourne


I tell clients to bring a whole heap of clothing and on the day I can go through it all and select the stuff that will photograph beautifully.  I will generally stick to around 4-5 different outfits and one of those can be a nudie image too.

Girls – dresses, bloomers, tops, rompers, shorts, jeans, tops, long socks, beanie, etc.  Even just a simple plain white bonds romper works perfect for simple images.

Don’t forget to bring headbands, clips that match your outfits too.

Boys – t-shirts, shorts, bloomers, rompers, overalls, jeans, long socks, beanies, etc  Even just a simple plain white bonds romper works perfect for simple images.

Try to avoid things that have big logos and their favourite characters (ie. Thomas, Bluey, Frozen).  Keep it simple.

Other things to bring:

  • favourite teddy/dolls to be photographed with
  • cute favourite toys (but only bring them if you are happy for them to be photographed). If you bring something that you don’t really like the baby will only want to play with that and then they will cry if you take it away from them!
  • rattles
  • favourite book
  • food as they get tired (but nothing that stains please)
  • milk
  • nappies


Let’s not forget this baby session is all about your gorgeous baby and capturing them. I keep family and sibling images to a minimum and only allow one outfit for parents and siblings.  But rest assured I will capture stunning images that will be your favourite images for years to come.

I always tell clients to coordinate their outfits for family and sibling photographs.  A great idea is laying the clothes on your bed to see if everything goes together.  Don’t think that you all need to wear same colour, just ensure you all complement each other.

Mums:  I always tell new mums to wear something simple and beautiful.  The focus will be on your little baby and they’ll be covering the majority of you up. Try keep the colour neutral and design simple.  Even a plain white/cream top or a nice white/cream dress.  You can wear black but sometimes it can look more harsh in images.   I have created a Mums Styling Pinterest Board for some clothing inspiration.

I do have a variety of maternity outfits (dresses and tops) which can be borrowed during your newborn session.  If you want to borrow these outfits, just ensure you have suitable underwear (strapless and non-strapless bras) in white and black.  

Please ensure nails are clean and use a natural colour polish (or none) as your hands will make their way into the images.

Dads:  Bring a plain fitting t-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans.  You can bring any colour but a nice clean white/cream colour always looks best.  Additionally, a simple shirt with sleeves rolled up is also nice.  I have created a Dads Styling Pinterest Board for some styling ideas.

Siblings:  For girls bring a pretty neutral outfit or dress. I can also provide a wrap that will act as the perfect top.  For boys a pair of jeans or shorts and a t-shirt.

The key with siblings and young children is to ensure that they are comfortable and happy. When they are happy their little personalities will shine and it will not feel like its forced upon.  Most of the time I photograph everyone barefoot so there is no need to bring clean shoes.  Unless this is what you wanted.

Baby Photography Melbourne
mum hugging baby during photoshoot
Baby brother lying next to sister
Baby shoot looking at camera


Other important things to consider are:

  • Plan the photography session to be during their awake/play time, we can always change this closer to the date if their sleeping schedule changes.
  • Give your little one a feed before the session to ensure they are full and happy.
  • Bring supplies for your baby / other children
    • Snacks
    • Treats
    • Drinks
    • Bibs
    • Tissues / wipes
  • clean babies face (eyes, nose, mouth), it’s amazing what is always left behind. I have wipes in the studio for you to use too
  • fingernails and toenails cleaned and cut. I cannot edit out dirt or nail polish.
  • making sure child’s hair is clean
  • Parents
    • Blow wave your hear
    • Apply makeup for yourself

We have received so many testimonials on how fun my baby photo sessions are.  I am so excited to have you come into the studio and experience this soon too.  I look forward to capturing their gorgeous personalities, smiles, dimples, rolls and more.

See you soon!



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