Preparation Guide

Cake smash Session

Thank you so much for trusting Niki Sprekos Photography with the amazing and rewarding opportunity to photography your gorgeous baby’s cake smash.   As one of the most popular cake smash photographers in Melbourne, I will ensure that to create beautiful memories that will last forever.

All my cake smash sessions are kept really simple and minimalistic.  I want to ensure that your baby is the main star and all the little details are not lost in the clutter.  I will capture all your baby smiles, the crumbs stuck to their little chubby legs, icing smudged everywhere and pure joy on their faces.

To help, I has created a cake smash preparation guide to ensure we have a successful session and memorable experience.

DUring the session

It is really important that you allow me to build a great connection with your baby.  So please allow me to interact with your little when I start shooting, before you get involved (assuming your baby isn’t upset).  That way your baby doesn’t get overwhelmed and I get to capture their innocence and their personality will shine through.

Should I require assistance to get their attention, get a gorgeous smile or giggle I will call you to join me on the floor.  If and when you do this please, do not stand behind me as your baby will look up at you and not the camera.  You need to sit right behind me (next to my camera) otherwise all your images will have your baby looking up and up their nose!

Please take this all as general advice, I want to ensure you get amazing and cute baby photos.  Of course, anything can happen on the day and as much as I like to plan things, they can always go differently.  Sometimes we even have to stop for cuddles, drinks, snacks, etc.  We all have to be very flexible as these cute babies are the boss!

what to expect


Cake Smash sessions generally last approximately 1 hour and takes place in my Malvern East studio.  We start with some regular portraits of your child in their cake smash outfit to give them a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and familiar with myself and their surroundings before we bring the cake out.

A frosted cake (your colour choice) is supplied for the smash.  If your child has food allergies you are required to provide your own cake and are entitled to $50 refund off your package.

Cake Smash shoots are unpredictable but always a lot of fun. Some little ones get right into it whilst others can be shy and need some assistance with the smashing. Either way I guarantee there will be cake and frosting everywhere by the end of the session.

It is really important your baby is well rested and fed before the cake smash shoot.  We all know an over tired or hungry baby only equals a grumpy baby.  And throw in a lot of stimulation, cake and decorations it would get super overwhelming and only turn into frowning faces and possibly tears.


I know all parents really want their child to be super happy, smiling and dive right into the cake but that doesn’t always happen and as I said, that is perfectly fine.  We have to give your baby time to explore what is going on and they will work out that they have fun and get messy.  Sometimes we have to get you the parents on the floor and lead by example which is where the mess starts.

I recommend before a session clients buy a little cake or cup cake and let your baby go for it at home.  We would normally yell at them if they make a mess, so we want to let them know its ok to be messy.  So let them feel icing on their fingers, get them to taste all that sugary goodness and have fun.  This will make your session more successful (well hopefully).

In addition, testing them eating icing will also be great to see if they have any allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, if they haven’t had these items before.

And I also want to state that some babies don’t make a huge mess with the cake and that is ok.  This is where we get either myself or the parents to break it up, smudge some on their leg and help things along.   Either way I can assure you that I will get so many images of your little one having fun, laughing, possibly crying, pulling faces, photos of the crumbs, icing, chubby legs, etc.

Cake smash pricing

What to BRING

  • Water in the Sippy cup. It can be thirsty work smashing a cake.
  • Favourite snacks. These are a life saver if your baby does not like the cake or the icing.  We sometimes have to resort to hiding them at the back of the cake to make it seem like they are trying to eat it or look at the cake. Biscuits, sultanas, rice puffs, mum mums, etc always work well and don’t cause stains.
  • 2 outfits (1 before the cake smash (optional) and 1 during)
  • Extra clothes for your baby to go home in
  • Extra clothes for yourself. Trust me you will be crawling around and moving your little one.  They will also want a cuddle when they have icing everywhere
  • Plastic bag for the dirty clothes
  • 2 towels and a face washer for bath, this is done after the cake smash
  • Favourite toy. I may use this to grab their attention.
  • Specific props / backdrops / cake toppers we have discussed
  • Bubble bath liquid if you want your child to have a particular soap (please bring if your child has allergies/sensitivities)
  • Body wash if your baby has sensitive skin (should you wish to give your baby a shower / wash down after the smash
  • Styling

    Cake Smash Photography, Niki Sprekos Photography

    The most important part of your baby’s cake smash shoot is determining the style of your cake smash..  I have prepared some links to help you with looking at styles, colour themes and baby outfits.

    Niki Sprekos Photography Cake Smash Pinterest Board

    Niki Sprekos Photography Cake Smash Gallery

    Niki Sprekos Photography Instagram Page

    Niki Sprekos Photography Baby Styling Pinterest

    My cake smash sessions are kept super simple as I want the main focus to be your little one and the cake.  Therefore I suggest a simple cake with some balloons or background with greenery or a single white balloon.  I am happy to discuss this with you over the phone as it can get tricky thinking about all these details.  I just suggest that we do this sooner rather than later as I will need to order cake, plan props, etc.

    With your baby outfit I personally love babies with either bloomers, romper, shorts with braces or bow tie.  In addition, for girls think about whether you want your little girl to be covered up or with bloomers.  Just think about all the other little details to photograph, so lots of skin showing so I can photograph icing on those cute little legs and toes.  Also remember that the studio will be the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is.


    Niki Sprekos Photography, Cake Smash Gallery

    If you are looking for super cute baby outfits and accessories I have listed a number of stores so you can make our cake smash shoot a big success.  Be prepared for lots of cuteness and sorry you may end up shopping for too many things.

    We have received so many testimonials on how fun my baby cake smash photo sessions are.  I am so excited to have you come into the studio and experience this soon too.  I look forward to capturing their gorgeous personalities, smiles, dimples, rolls and more.