Preparation Guide

Christmas Mini Session

I am so excited that you are coming to Niki Sprekos Photography to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas.  Christmas Mini Sessions are the most joyful and fun photoshoots that I offer throughout the year.  I love seeing the joy on everyones faces as they enter the studio.   Mini Christmas sessions are so perfect and stress free as they are fast and you get amazing images to share with all.

To help you get the best experience possible, I has created a Mini Christmas preparation guide to ensure we have a successful shoot.

Christmas Mini
Christmas Mini

It is really important that you allow me to build a great connection with your children.  Please allow me to interact with your little one while I’m shooting before you get involved unless your child is upset. This way they’re not overwhelmed and I capture their innocence.

Should I require assistance, I will call you to come and join me on the floor and get their attention to help get a gorgeous smile and giggle.  If and when I do this, please do not stand behind me as your baby will always be looking up in the photographs I take. You need to SIT right behind me (next to my camera).

There is no pressure on your children to perform at the session, natural shots are always best and I like to shoot in a fun, relaxed and easy manner so there is no pressure on them to be perfect or looking at the camera with big perfect smiles in every shot.  If you are wanting a full session, then please contact me direct for further information.

It is critical you supervise your children to ensure they don’t damage any props on the day.  Please note, I will be running over 40 sessions and there are a lot of families who would be left disappointed.


How to prepare

What to wear

Christmas Mini
  • It is always good to pick three coordinating colours that go well together and one of those colours being a neutral colour (eg red white denim). You don’t necessarily need to be all matching in identical outfits.  Mix it up a little with textures too but stick to your colour palette.
  • No logos if possible.  You want your images to be timeless.
  • Remember, if your children are comfortable in their clothes, then they will be relaxed and calm during the session.
  • As it is a 20 minute session we don’t have time for big outfit changes.  If you did want to change into a Christmas outfit or PJs for a shot, you can do this but please note that you eat into your 20 minutes so that is entirely up to you and your session.
  • Accessories – Please bring hats, headbands, etc to the studio. I will sanitise hats and headbands with sprays in between sessions should you wish to use the studio props.
  • You can find lots of things at Kmart, Best & Less, or Target.
  • Review our Blog on What to Wear

Top tips

Christmas Mini
  • Arrive early! This way you are not stressed and all relaxed.
  • Plan your children’s sleep / awake time for that day if your session is during there sleep time.
  • Feed your children before the session to ensure their full and happy. Arrive a little earlier and do this in the car if needed.  Feel free to bring anything as bribery.
  • No eating in studio.  Bring any supplies for your children to use after the session (snacks, treats, drinks, etc)
  • Clean your children’s faces (eyes, nose, mouth), it’s amazing what is always left behind. I have wipes in the studio for you to use too.
  • Fingernails, hair cleaned and cut.  I will not be editing special requests such as fixing chipped nail polish or frizzy hair during Xmas Minis.
  • Remove all hair ties or kids watches before the shoot to ensure no marks are there. Again I cannot edit out hair ties or watches.
  • Parents don’t forget about yourselves!!  Do your hair and make up before the session.
  • Santa Digitals

    This year we have amazing santa digitals for your Christmas mini sessions. This is perfect for little babies who are scared of man in the red suit. I will get an adult to sit where Santa is in the digital and we take the shot. Then I will work on my editing magic and superimpose your children in the image.

    Santa Digitals are a add on fee, due to the time and editing of these images. You will receive a questionnaire for you to confirm if you want a digital and which digital you want me to add to your order. Santa digitals are in addition to the images you select as part of your package.

    Option A - Santa looking at Camera

    Option B - Santa Secret Shhh

    Option C - Santa Sack

    Option D - Happy hands up

    Option E - Santa Smile

    Option F - Santa Giving Gift

    Option G - Santa Magic

    Option H - Santa Reading

    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini


    This year we have beautiful sets ready to rock your Christmas mini sessions, we will most likely only be able to do 3-4 maximum depending on time but will be able to get through three 100%.

    Set up 1 Christmas Backdrop (first backdrop as it is elaborate to set up)

    Set up 2 Garland with pillows (option to add milk & cookies)

    Set up 3 Christmas wreath (option to add sleigh or reindeer)

    Set up 4 Santas Letter Box

    Set up 5 Christmas Digitals with Santa

    Set up 6 Candy Canes (set up for babies that cannot sit upright)

    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini

    We have received so many testimonials on how fun our Christmas Mini sessions are.

    I am so excited to have you come into the studio and experience this soon too.

    Any questions please get in touch with the studio.


    Christmas Mini

    At Niki Sprekos Photography we always take health and safety seriously and of high importance.  We have a COVID safety plan and need all clients to respect the rules.

  • All client aged 16+ must be fully vaccinated as per government guidelines and proof of vaccination certificate to be shown upon check in.
  • One Family PerChristmas Mini Session (No mixed Families – Cousins etc)
  • If you are unwell please let me know and we can reschedule the session.
  • If you have travelled into any hotspots or been in contact with anyone sick or recently travelled, please reschedule your session
  • All shoes will be required to be taken off before entering the studio
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and required to be used before entering and upon leaving the studio
  • Face masks are only required for adults not children and are available in the studio if needed. When you remove your mask for your photo, please place them in YOUR bag do not leave them lying around.
  • Bring your own hair accessories / hats, where possible

    In addition, I will also be offering Christmas Digitals as you may not be able to get your traditional Santa image this year.  These are an extra $20 each due to the time and editing of these sessions.  If you would like one of these please let me know which one you are after before your session:

    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini
    Christmas Mini