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Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Thank you so much for trusting Niki Sprekos Photography with the amazing and rewarding opportunity to photography your maternity journey.   As one of the most popular maternity photographers in Melbourne Niki will ensure she will create beautiful memories that will last forever. 

To help Niki has created a guide to ensure that you have a successful session and memorable experience. 


The most important part of your shoot is determining the style and your wardrobe.  If you have a particular image in mind that you want to replicate, please jump on the links below and send me the images you like so we can prepare for your session.


To assist with styling have created a Pinterest board for maternity sessions.  The majority of my clients bring a range of clothes from home to wear for their session.  Alternatively, I have a collection of dresses and tops in the studio for loan as well.

If you are still stuck, I work in conjunction with Mama Rentals who offer a sunning range of maternity dresses for hire.  All my clients receive a Niki Sprekos Photography discount too, just mention my name. Niki Sprekos Photography is one of their recommended maternity photographers for Melbourne.

If you are confused or have a lot of things to bring, what I suggest to clients is just to bring a bag/suitcase of items and I can run through them on the day with you.  I narrow it down to around 4/5 outfits.  Some suggested items of clothing to bring are kimonos, cardigans, jeans, dresses, pretty tops, singlets, shirts, etc. 

Shoes are not necessary during the shoot as my clients are always barefoot, unless you wanted a specific images.

Niki Sprekos Photography, Maternity Gallery
Niki Sprekos Photography, Newborn Gallery


  • Makeup – just in case you need a touch up.
  • Clothing for your session – See information above
  • Underwear
    • Bring matching underwear and bra (Black and White).  Especially if you want to wear my sheer dresses or show skin by wearing just a cardigan, this is important.  Remember it doesn’t need to be perfect as long as its matching more so in colour!
  • Bra
    • Strapless and normal bra. I also recommend bring non maternity bras as sometimes, these are not the most flattering and have bulky clips.  You will not need to wear them for too long, so don’t be worried about wearing an underwire.


We really encourage you to have a maternity pictures taken with your partner and/or other children.  Photographing the connection between yourself, your belly and your family is one of my favourite parts of the session.  These are the pictures your new baby will cherish most in years to come.

Remember you both need to complement each other with your clothing style.  If you need to bring various items for him too that is fine.  That way you have a variety of styles for the different images you are in.

Just remember to keep it simple!  A plain fitting t-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans or chinos is perfect.  Ensure you also bring a variety of colours too, white, grey, navy, etc.  That they he can complement your outfit changes.  If you only have one colour a plain white t shirt is best.  Additionally, a simple shirt with sleeves rolled up is also nice.  

Just remember – no logos – simplicity is always the best for your maternity shoot.  We want these images to never date and look timeless.

Everyone will be barefoot in the shoots so there is no need to bring clean shoes.

Remove all watches before the shoot to ensure no marks are there.  Keeping things simple is always best.

Dads Styling Pinterest Board – I have selected a collection of images to help you think about different styles you may want to wear. 

Niki Sprekos Photography, Maternity Gallery
Niki Sprekos Photography, Newborn Gallery


This maternity shoot with other children are the images you are going to cherish forever.  I recommend that children have one outfit only for their images.  Changing them can cause tantrums as their find it very annoying.  Children want to take their images and move on to more fun thing, which is fair enough.

Girls – A neutral outfit or dress
Boys – A plain top (with no logos or images) and jeans, shorts or chinos.

  • clean siblings face (eyes, nose, mouth), it’s amazing what is always left behind. I have wipes in the studio for you to use too
  • fingernails and toenails cleaned and cut. Their little hands will be on your belly so we want them looking clean.  I cannot edit out dirt.

Everyone will be barefoot during the maternity shoot so there is no need to bring clean shoes.

Take a few moments to chat with your little one a day before the session.  Make it sound exciting and mention that aunty Niki is great fun!


In order to help with having a successful maternity shoot some things to consider are:

  • You are very welcome to have your hair and make-up done by a professional. I work closely with a few hair and makeup artists.  If you want their details, please let me know.
  • Making sure your hair is blow waved how you like, (if possible with waves or volume to make images really shine!)  Alternatively if you prefer straight that is fine too.
  • Apply makeup. It doesn’t need to be a full face but keep it classic and clean.  Wearing a little foundation, blush, eyeshadow and mascara always makes you feel great and alive.
  • Make sure your nails aren’t chipped or have nail polish chipping away.  Remember your hands will be touching your belly all the time. I cannot edit your nails or add colour to chipped nails!
  • Give yourself or book in for a facial before your session. Get your skin looking amazing.  I always think drinking lots of water always makes skin look glowing so drink up a couple of days before your session.
  • Remove all watches before the shoot to ensure no marks are there.  Keeping things simple is always best, we do not want to be taking the focus away from your new baby.
Niki Sprekos Photography, Maternity Gallery
Niki Sprekos Photography, Newborn Gallery


If siblings will be joining you for the maternity shoot feel free to bring a Ipad, books, and toys as well.   Feel free to download a new movie on there to help them pass the time!

In additional feel free to bring food to feed yourselves and your little ones as well. 

We have received so many kind words on how fun and relaxing my maternity sessions are.  I am truly honoured to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to call me on 0408 114 414.


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