What should we wear to our photoshoot?

One of the most asked questions before every session is, What should we wear to our photoshoot?

If you have just had a new baby and you are about to have your first family photoshoot you already have a million things on your mind, let alone trying to find the perfect outfit for you and your family!

I want to make things nice and simple for you by providing my styling tips for your next baby, family or newborn session.

Tip #1

Select your colour palette / Complimenting Tones

Generally in my studio you will see light, muted and neutral tones and that is due to the environment that I shoot in. Being a newborn session we want to keep things soft due to the focus being drawn to your new baby.

In addition neutral, earthy palettes are always classic and never date. Think cream, white, beige, linen, tan and then you can bring in other colours that compliment such as dusty pink, olive, greens, mustard or browns.

To assist you can always look at some colour wheels on Pinterest to see what colours match. Remember simplicity and balance is key.

Tip #2

Pick a Central Outfit

I always suggest selecting your one central outfit and then layer the rest of the family members in similar colour shades. Generally this is always around mum, especially if you have a certain outfit that makes you feel good in. Great thing about coming to me for photos, you will always have a client wardrobe that you can use.

Tip #3

One patterned piece

To create a cohesive family image it is important to not make the image too cluttered and busy. Selecting one patterned piece and keeping the other outfits in block colours will creates a beautiful aesthetic. In additional adding complimenting textured pieces will add even further interest and warmth.

Tip #4

Aim for textures/layers

To add a bit of variety, you can add different fabrics, layers, fitted pieces, flowing pieces, etc.

For example you could have your daughter in a patterned dress, mum in a dress that flows and dad in a textured knit in similar tones.

Tip #5

No Logos / Graphics

Where possible outfits without logos work best. Anything that is front and centre will always distract the eye when looking at an image. The main focus is the subjects face, feel of an image, not what is worn on the front of someones tshirt. Also any sort of graphics on clothes date really easily! Let’s keep your images timeless by keeping everything clean.

Tip #6

Where will your images be displayed?

When choosing your outfits it is so important to think about where these images will be displayed. What colours will suit your home, the baby’s nursery, is your home mostly neutrals or do you want something darker? If bold contrast is what will work, that is completely fine too.

Tip #7

Comfort is key

If you have just had a baby and your body is still recovering it is so important to be comfortable. When we wear clothes that we feel good in, we’re happy and confident. If we’re uncomfortable, it will show in the images. We don’t want you to be stiff and not feeling amazing.

So wear something that flows if needed or a shirt with maternity jeans. Whatever feel like you and what feels good.

For men, I recommend T-shirts or rolled up casual shirts with chinos or jeans. If a shirt is not what you would normally wear, than don’t wear it to the photoshoot! We want to bring out your personality and family as you normally as you are. Capture your true essence (with guided styling) but also create the perfect aesthetic look in your images.


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