Why Zoe George from Big Brother Australia loves Niki Sprekos Photography and why we love her too.


I’m so excited to have my client and friend Zoe George appear on Channel Seven’s Big Brother Australia, this Monday at 7:30 pm.

Zoe George came to Niki Sprekos Photography in 2013 when her first born Ari was born and I had a pleasure of photographing her family.  Back then I didn’t have a studio and I carried my studio in the back of my car.  Zoe welcomed me into her home and we had lots of fun documenting her new little family.












Then in 2015 I got another call from gorgeous Zoe telling me she was pregnant again with her second child.  I was so excited to be able to photograph her family again.  This time Zoe had a beautiful baby girl called Ambrosia.  Photo shoots with Zoe, as you can image are always fun, lots of talking and I got to capture some really beautiful memories.  Afterwards I was also able to capture some fun candid images which really capture little Ambrosia and Ari‘s personality.











So what came next for Zoe George?  Her third baby of course – The Subtle Mummy.  Zoe is one of the best bloggers out there and has such a great Instagram and blog site with a loyal following.  Zoe keeps it real, raw and as she states she’s as “subtle as a brick in the face” and everyone loves her for it.  I’m sure you guys are all going to experience this in Big Brother Australia this week.  

The image below was used in one of her most viral articles “Oh it’s broken alright”, where she talks about how her children broke her vagina. Yes you heard it right!!  And this is not the only article that can leave you in stiches or cringing and it just makes you come back for more.

Zoe is also known as a prankster wife and her poor husband Bob is always left jumping and trembling lol.  Just jump on Instagram to see all that she has done over the years.  My favourite prank has been her jumping into her fridge!  Yes Zoe emptied all the contents and stood in there texting Bob get something for her and then screams……. Omg poor Bob LOL – its honestly so funny yet so cruel – Fridge prank. So I can only image that when Zoe George graces us on Big Brother Australia this week were going to get many more stories and the rest of Australia will get know who Zoe is.

But one thing is certain that Niki Sprekos Photography loves having Zoe George in the studio time and time again.  Now I love having Zoe and the kids in for her annual Christmas photographs and I hope to keep taking her family photos for years and years to come.

Zoe George's Christmas, Big Brother Australia, The Subtle Mummy

Zoe George, Big Brother Australia, The Subtle Mummy Zoe George, Big Brother Australia, The Subtle Mummy, Ari & Ambrosia











“I chose Niki Sprekos as my newborn photographer for both my children now and she hasn’t disappointed.  Niki has a calming nature and was able to manoeuvre my babies without them unsettling.  Once in the comfort of our home and the other shoots all took place in her studio.  The room temperature, lighting and white noise was always perfect.  Now that my children are older we have used Niki for Christmas shoots.  I love how quickly she is able to nail the photo.  I highly recommend ” said Zoe George

Thank you Zoe George for being part of the Niki Sprekos Photography family.  We love how you love and support us.  And we can’t wait to watch you on Big Brother Australia too.    Good luck with everything and we hope you win and Australia love you. 


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